HAZMAN Software


Marico are pleased to announce the 2013 launch of Hazman II, an internationally respected risk assessment application that caters to the specific hazard management needs of port authorities, ship-owners, and maritime operations. Hazman II now utilises a web-based platform incorporating a stylish and easy to use interface with a high degree of flexibility that is capable of meeting a range of different risk assessment requirements.

  • Hazard Identification;
  • Risk Scoring;
  • Risk Controls;
  • Risk Mitigation and Risk Reduction;
  • Auditing;
  • Exporting Reports;
  • Incident Database; and
  • AIS Swept Path Module.

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Marico Marine are pleased to present HAZMAN II – the updated, fully secure, web based maritime risk assessment tool; including Navigation, Health and Safety and Corporate risk modules.

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