Specialist Solutions

Transas – Desktop Ship Simulation

Marico operate a Transas desktop simulator capable of producing high quality simulations of a number of complex navigational and environmental situations. Transas simulators are robust in their accurate modelling of ship dynamics and environmental interactions that allow reliable and meaningful conclusions to be drawn from the results. Simulations can be undertaken in fast time or real time with the option to export scenarios for use in Transas’ full bridge simulators located in Portsmouth.

  • Berthing Simulations
  • Channel Design Optimisation
  • Accident Investigation
  • ETV Requirements

Optimoor – Mooring Optimisation

Optimoor is a mooring analysis computer program that can run detailed models of mooring configurations and analyse the resultant forces. The program utilises the OCIMF recommendations/procedures and can cater for a number of different conditions and vessel types. Marico own and are trained in the use of the software.

ARiVA – Realtime Risk Software

Marico has developed real time (i.e. live) vessel risk assessment software, aimed at assisting port traffic and VTS management to automatically identify vessels posing heightened transit risk. ARiVA uses proven vessel risk factors associated with ship characteristics, port configuration and environmental conditions to assess the risk of grounding or collision. Used on-line, the system is capable of identifying particular vessels that may need enhanced attention, be it via the pilotage or VTS interface. The system retains all data which enables audit trails of risk mitigation measures.

ARiVA has been developed from our extensive knowledge gained over 14 years of ports worldwide and the offshore industry. This innovative and ground breaking package has been developed with support from harbour masters and mariners.


  • Dynamic risk assessment;
  • Fully auditable and recordable;
  • Assist with management of port risk;
  • Assign risk profile to port areas (e.g. high risk areas);
  • Ability to link into HAZMAN to provide holistic solution to port risk; and
  • Based on international, and peer reviewed research.

Navicom Dynamics – PPUs
Marico are the European agents and support centre for Navicom Dynamics, the global leaders in precision portable navigation and Portable Pilot Units (PPUs).

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Port Marine Safety Code
Utilizing the “Salt and Science” approach Marico provides robust scientific solutions based on sound expert knowledge and experience.

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Marico Marine are pleased to present HAZMAN II – the updated, fully secure, web based maritime risk assessment tool; including Navigation, Health and Safety and Corporate risk modules.

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