AIS and Radar Expertise

Marico are experts in AIS and Radar data from collection through anaysis to the presentation. The Marico data management team has consistently pushed the limits and possibilities of data handling and management of AIS and radar throughout the 10 years of vessel traffic surveys for the UK Maritime and Coasguard Agency (MCA), and offshore energy companies.

Data Collection

Marico Marine have extensive experience in the collection of both radar and AIS data for more than 10 years, with a reputation for robust and reliable results. Radar and AIS data collection has been undertaken for a number of ports, renewable energy developers and government bodies. Our surveys are undertaken to the highest quality requirements utilising 24/7 trained watch keepers and are both MGN 371 and DECC compliant. Marico pioneered the use of multiple radars for traffic surveys in the Minches using a secure wireless link across 25 miles of rugged terrain.

Recent Traffic Surveys:

  • 2012 – Navitus Bay Wind Farm
  • 2012 – DP Energy – Islay Energy Park
  • 2012 – Scottish Power Renewables – Argyll Array Wind Farm
  • 2011 – Natural Power Consultants – Narec Offshore Demonstrator
  • 2011 – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland – AMETS Survey
  • 2010 – Marine Current Turbines – Kyle Rhea Tidal Array
  • 2010 – Marine Current Turbines – Skerries Current Turbine Array

Data Analysis

Marico has a number of tools for deriving knowledge from raw data sets. Raw data needs to be decoded, processed and converted into a file type supported by a Geographic Information System (GIS).


  • AIS and Radar Accuracy Quantification
  • Track Analysis
  • Gate Analysis
  • Density Analysis
  • Exposure Analysis
  • Swept Path Analysis
  • Domain Analysis (Ship Encounters)
  • Weighted Overlay Analysis (Risk Mapping/Site Suitability)

Active Vessel Monitoring

Marico Marine operate “GoalKeeper”, an intelligent vessel monitoring system around a number of high risk areas in New Zealand to alert authorities by email/text message if a vessel deviates from its channel towards a marine obstruction such as a reef.

The same technology is used to support “Just in Time” port operation by notifying port authorities on the estimated arrival time of vessels to reduce wastage of resources waiting for a vessel to arrive at the harbour.

Navicom Dynamics – PPUs
Marico are the European agents and support centre for Navicom Dynamics, the global leaders in precision portable navigation and Portable Pilot Units (PPUs).

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Port Marine Safety Code
Utilizing the “Salt and Science” approach Marico provides robust scientific solutions based on sound expert knowledge and experience.

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Marico Marine are pleased to present HAZMAN II – the updated, fully secure, web based maritime risk assessment tool; including Navigation, Health and Safety and Corporate risk modules.

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